Konferenzen und Workshops mit Beteiligung des Lehrstuhls
ICSB 2016, New Jersey, USA, 15.-18. Juni 2016
Turning SME´s Around - On Breaking and Making Organisational Paths. (Freiling, J./Harima, A.)
Challenges of Returnee Entrepreneurship. (Freiling, J./Harima, A.)
The Role of Corruption and Extortion within Mexican Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. (Freiling, J./Harima, A./M.M./B.G.)
The Capital Model of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. (Freiling, J./Harima, A./Juling, J.)
ENTRE 2016, Cracow, Polen, 07.-08. April 2016
Getting off the track to Found. (Freiling, J./P.B.)
EGEPE, Passo Fundo, Brasil, 14.-23. März 2016
Keynote: "Entrepreneurship and Small Business: New Contexts and new Settings" (Freiling, J.)
Leuphana Conference on Entrepreneurship, Lüneburg, Germany, 14.-16. Januar 2016
Motivation of German and Japanese Diaspora Entrepreneurs. (Freiling, J./Harima, A.)
A Capitals based Approach to Sustaining Dynamic Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (Freiling, J./Harima, A./Juling, J.)
Conference on Migration and Diaspora Entrepreneurship (MDE), Bremen, Germany, 14.-15. Dezember 2015
Migrant and Dispora Entrepreneurs Source for Dynamic Creation in Berlin´s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. (Freiling, J./Harima, A./Baron, T.)
60th Annual ICSB World Conference 2015 Dubai, UAE
What is the role of Regional Headquarters in Coordinating International Service Operations? (Freiling, J./Kähäri, P./ Piekkari, R./Schmutz, F.)
Regional Headquarters as Entrepreneurial "Knowledgehub" of Transnational SMEs - A Business Model Perspective (Mustafa, R./Freiling, J.)
Do Entrepreneurs really learn from Entrepreneurial Failure? (Freiling, J./Harima, A.)
Mediating role of Predictive Analytics in Building Absorptive Capacity (Chernetska, D.)
On Causalities of De-Internationalization of Family Businesses: Case Evidence from German SMEs (Freiling, J./Schneegaß, M.)
3rd International Conference on Competence-Based Strategic Management Istanbul, Türkei, 27-29 Mai 2015
Service-Oriented Business Model Innovation - A Competence-Based View (Heise, V./Freiling, J.)
A Competence-based View on Remote Service Providers (Krikken, M./Freiling, J.)
The Impact of Corporate Culture on Competence-leveraging (Svenson, F./Freiling, J.)
Where is the Button to open your mind? A Strategic Real Option View on Capabilities, Rigidities and Dynamics (Freiling, J./Roemer, E.)
13th International Conference of the Society for Global Business & Economic Development (SGBED 2014)
Ancona (Italien)
Rich-to-Poor Diaspora Ventures – How Do They Survive? (Harima, A./Freiling, J./Elo, M.)
International Conference on Business and Information (BAI 2014)
Osaka (Japan)
Innovation Service Business Models And International Market Resistance: Insight from Service-Dominant Logic (Freiling, J./Dressel, K.)
Facilitating Knowledge Generation And Sharing Through Virtual Communities of Practice – A Case Study Approach (Gaafke, I./Freiling, J./Krikken, M.)
Rich-to-Poor Diaspora Ventures – How Do They Survive? (Harima, A./Freiling, J./Elo, M.)
IFERA 2014 Annual Conference, 24.06.-27.06.2014
Lappeenranta (Finnland)
Continuity in Times of Change: Family-external Business Succession and its Effects on Entrepreneurial Behavior (Freiling, J./Pöschl, A.)
Session Chair: Succession and the next generation (Freiling, J.)
59th Annual Conference of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), 11.06-14.06.2014
Dublin (Irland)
Exploring Timing and Success of Rich-to-poor Diaspora Entrepreneurship: A Case Study (Elo M./Harima A./Freiling J.)
Universität Bremen, Bremen (Deutschland)
Rich-to-Poor Diaspora Entrepreneurship (A.Harima/J.Freiling)
Mini Conference on New Research Themes in International Entrepreneurship, 22.05.-23.05.2014
University of Southern Denmark, Odense (Dänemark)
Success Factors of Rich-to-Poor Diaspora Entrepreneurship: A Theoretical Perspective (M.Elo/A.Harima/J.Freiling)

EIBA Annual Conference, 12.12.-14.12.2013
Universität Bremen, Bremen (Deutschland)
Drivers of Organizational Learning in Case of ‘Born Transnationals’ – First Empirical Evidence (J.Freiling/M.Schmidt)

SKM/ICCBM Conference, 17.09.-20.09.2013
Magdeburg (Deutschland)
The Strategic Real Options Framework: Explaining Corporate Survival (J.Freiling)
Entrepreneurial Myopia and Succession-based Crises in Family Businesses – A Strategic Options Perspective (J.Freiling/S.Fotea)

Research Workshop Diaspora Networks, 28.08.2013
University of Turku, Turku (Finnland)
Diaspora Entrepreneurs as ‘Born Transnationals’ – Identifying Performance Drivers (J.Freiling)

EGOS Colloquium, 04.07.-06.07.2013
Montréal (Kanada)
From Entrepreneurs to Managers: Time-related Transition in the Process of New Venture Internationalization (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien)

ICSB Annual Conference, 20.06.-23.06.2013
Ponce (Puerto Rico)
Obstacles to the Adoption of Innovative Service Business Models – The Role of Dominant Logics (J.Freiling)
An Organizational Learning Perspective on International New Ventures – The Case of ‘Born Transnationals (J.Freiling)

Workshop on Real Option Thinking, 05.03.2013
University of Technology in Lappeenranta, Lappeenranta (Finnland)
The Making of Real Options – in the Light of Organization and Management Theory (J.Freiling)

46th HICSS Conference, 06.01.-10.01.2013
Maui (USA)
Market Resistance to Innovative Service-focused Business Models: Insights from the Service-dominant Logic (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien/K.Dressel)


38th EIBA Annual Conference, 07.12.-09.12.2012
Brighton (England)

Competence Building in Transnational Companies – The Role of Regional Headquarters in Subsidiary Coordination (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien)

International Market Resistance to Innovative, Service-focused Business Models (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien/K.Dressel)

Informal Governance and its Impact on Transactional Uncertainty of Transnational Companies: the Case of Social Relatedness (J.Freiling/K.L.Chung/S.M.Laudien)

1st CBSM Conference, 20.11.-23.11.2012
Kopenhagen (Dänemark)
How to Govern the Spread of De-centrally Developed Competences in Transnational Companies (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien)
How to Transfer Personal Experience into Organizational Competence: The Story of International New Ventures (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien)

32nd Strategic Management Society Annual Conference 2012, 06.10.-09.10.2012
Prag (Tschechische Republik)
Regional Headquarters and their Impact on Knowledge Transfer Processes in Transnational Companies: A ‘Small Worlds’ Perspective (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien)

SMS Conference Danube Extension 2012, 04.10.-05.10.2012  
Linz (Österreich)
Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Competences as Drivers of Learning and Coordination in MNEs (J.Freiling)

Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2012, 03.08.-07.08.2012
Boston (USA)
Breaking Free from the Adaption Logic: A View on SME Managerial Discretion in International Business (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien)

28th EGOS Colloquium, 05.07.-07.07.2012
Helsinki (Finnland)
The Shadow of New Venture Failure on Transforming Societies (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien)

AIB Annual Conference, 30.06.–04.07.2012
Washington, D.C. (USA)
Born to Learn – Knowledge Exploration and Exploitation of ‘Born Transnationals’ (J.Freiling/M.Schmidt)

57th International Council for Small Business World Conference, 10.06.-14.06.2012
Wellington (Neuseeland)
Entrepreneurial failure in the spotlight of the competence-based theory of the firm (J.Freiling/J.Wessels)
In Need of Speed - The Impact of Organizational Learning on the Competitiveness of Born Transnationals (J.Freiling/M.Schmidt)
SME total cost of ownership models and their sluggish adoption. An explanation based on the service-dominant logic (J.Freiling/K.Dressel)

12th Annual Conference of the European Academy of Management (EURAM), 06.06.-08.06.2012
Rotterdam (Niederlande)
The Managerial Vacuum of Business Succession in Family Businesses (J.Freiling/M.Gersch)

74th VHB Annual Conference, 30.05.-02.06.2012
Bozen (Italien)
Knowledge Transfer and Competence Building in Transnational Companies – A Governance Problem (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien)

9th RSAI World Congress, 09.05.-12.05.2012
Temeswar (Rumänien)
Assets or Liabilities of Foreignness? On the Role of TNCs in International Business (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien)
Born Transnationals – a Different Story of International Entrepreneurship? (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien)

International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Family Firms, and Economic Development, 27.04.-28.04.2012
Krakau (Polen)
Sustaining Trust as Informal Governance Mechanism: A Competitive Advantage for Family Firms? (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien)
Informal Governance and its Impact on Transactional Uncertainty of Transnational Companies: the Case of Social Relatedness (J.Freiling/K.L.Chung/S.M.Laudien)
An Entrepreneurship Theory-based Approach on the Relationship Between Entrepreneurship and SMEs Performance (J.Freiling)

Conference on Family Firms and The Challenges of the Future, 26.04.2012
Krakau (Polen)
Family Firms: A German Experience (J.Freiling)

CSM Conference, 22.03.-23.03.2012
Universität Duisburg-Essen, Duisburg (Deutschland)
The SKM Movement: Concepts, Theory, and Applications (J.Freiling)


37th EIBA Annual Conference, 08.12.-10.12.2011
Bukarest (Rumänien)
Regional Headquarters Capabilities as Key Facilitator of the Coordination of Transnational Business Activities (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien)

Regional Headquarters as Mode of Control for TNC Subsidiaries: A Network-Oriented Perspective (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien)

4th ISPIM Innovation Symposium, 29.11.-02.12.2011
Wellington (Neuseeland)
Market Resistance to Innovative Service-focused Business Models: Insights from Service Dominant Logic (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien/K.Dressel)

15th G-Forum, 02.11.-04.11.2011
Zürich (Schweiz)
Explaining New Venture Failure: A Competence-based Approach (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien)

7th SKM Symposium, 28.09.-30.09.2011
Linz (Österreich)
Why do Start-ups Fail? A Competence-based Perspective (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien)
Knowledge Transfer and Competence Building in Transnational Companies - A Governance Problem (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien)

5th Conference on SME in a Globalized World, 22.09.-24.09.2011
Klausenberg (Rumänien)
On the Need of SME Organizational Adaption to the International Business Environment: A Competence-based Perspective (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien)

MSKE Conference, 13.07-15.07.2011
Famalicao (Italien)
Service Innovation and Market Survival: Implementing the Total Cost of Ownership Concept (J.Freiling/S.M.Laudien/K.Dressel)

Naples Forum on Service, 14.06.-17.06.2011
Anacapri (Italien)
On the Sluggish Adoption of Total cost of Ownership Models - An SDL Perspective (J.Freiling/K.Dressel/S.M.Laudien)

WK INT Jahrestagung, 18.02.-19.02.2011
Saarbrücken (Deutschland)
Direktinvestive internationale Unternehmenstätigkeit und das GLOCAL-Dilemma: Die koordinative Rolle von Regional Headquarters (S.M. Laudien/J.Freiling)
Workshop "Dynamics of Globalization: Location-specific Advantages or Liabilities of Foreignness?", 17.01.-18.01.2011
Copenhagen Business School, Kopenhagen (Dänemark)
Overcoming Liabilities of Foreignness by Employing Regional Headquarters as a Hard Mode of Governance - A TNC Perspective (S.M.Laudien/J.Freiling)

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