Welcome to the Chair in Small Business & Entrepreneurship (LEMEX)


We are happy to announce the upcomming workshops in Bremen.

The MDE Workshop on Refugee Entrepreneurship aims at offering a platform for international researchers to develop a better understanding of refugee entrepreneurship. The workshop will take place on 18.07.2017

The Workshop on Urban Startup Ecosystems (USE) takes place on 18.-19.07.2017 for the first time. The aims is to establish a platform for researchers to discuss recent issues of entrepreneurial ecosystems.


We are happy to announce the “3nd International Conference on Migration & Diaspora Entrepreneurship - MDE 2017: Exploring Creative Solutions to Exploit the Migrants' Capacity“ which will take place from November 29th - December 1st in Bremen.
MDE is an international conference, aiming at a better understanding of the challenges in the realm of migration and diaspora entrepreneurship.
The call for papers can be downloaded here.

The first Volume of the LEMEX Research Papers on Entrepreneurship is published. Diaspora Entrepreneurship is the main discussed topic in this paper.

You can find more information here. Enjoy reading :)